History of Rotary Watches

It was in 1895 in the small Swiss town of La Chaux-de-fonds that Rotary Watches was founded by Moise Dreyfuss. His famed attention to detail coupled with a keen business acumen ensured that whilst every material was (and still is) carefully chosen and each component assembled with absolute precision the watches represented extremely good value. This commitment to value for money quality watchmaking resulted in a business that grew quickly.

Now over 100 years later Rotary watches Ltd is an international company with timepieces sold in over 35 countries worldwide. Despite this growth Rotary has remained, like Millers Jewellers, very much a family business. The present managing director, Robert Dreyfuss, who took over the helm in 1989, being the great grandson of the founder and is as committed as ever to the founding principles of quality and value.

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