Jewellery Repair Service

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We at Millers are very proud to be able to offer a first class jewellery repair service though our own workshops situated on the premises. Our own goldsmith has over 30 years experience and can accomplish all manner of repairs from simple charm soldering to refurbishing an antique ring or designing and making a new engagement ring.

Estimates for more complicated jobs are always provided free of charge, but below is a selection of our current prices with most straight forward jobs have a 7 day turn around, although they can often be turned around more quickly should the need arise. More complicated jobs (stone setting, re-tipping and re-modelling etc.) generally have a 2 to 3 week turn around.

All prices below include V.A.T at 20% and a complimentary polish of the item being repaired.

Standard Services

  • Gold/silver rings reduced in size - £15.00
  • Rhodium plating (required after a white gold ring has been sized) - £12.00
  • Gold rings increased in size - £15.00 plus:
    • £6.00 per size for 9 carat gold
    • £7.00 per size for 18 carat gold
    • £8.00 per size for 22 carat gold
    • £13.00 per size for platinum
  • Chain repairs from £15.00.
  • Putting two wedding rings into one including re-hallmarking - £75.00
    Re-tipping claws
    • One claw - £15.00
    • More than one claw - £12.00 for the first claw then £6.00 each therefter
    • Platinum claws £20.00 for the first claw then £12.00 each claw thereafter
  • Ring restore - £5.00 (same day service available)

Whilst You Wait Services

  • 9 carat yellow gold bracelet safety chains fitted - £13.50
  • Silver safety chains fitted - £3.00
  • 9 carat gold lobster claw fasteners from - £12.00
  • Silver lobster claw fasteners from £3.00
  • 9 carat gold bolt ring fasteners from £6.50
  • Silver bolt ring fasteners from £1.50
  • Standard Watch bracelet alterations - £5.00

We also re-string pearls/beads and provide written insurance/probate valuations.

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