Rotary Watch Repairs and Care

Rotary Watch Repairs

We are able to undertake watch repairs to all makes of watches from Rotary to Rolex, Oris to Omega

Just send the watch in to ourselves with your details and we will contact you immediately to acknowledge receipt and again within a couple of weeks to provide you with an estimate to repair the watch.

All repairs carry a minimum of 6 months guarantee and any quote will include the cost of return postage and V.A.T.

Rotary Watch Care

All Rotary watches are precision instruments and as such need to be maintained and looked after, including regular servicing which we at Millers Jewellers are able to undertake for you. Prices begin at £25.00 which includes a 6 month guarantee.

Rotary Bracelets and Cases

Bracelets and watch cases should not be brought into contact with corrosive materials such as hairsprays, detergents or perfumes.

Leather Straps

Leather straps on the dolphin standard range have been treated to prevent water staining, despite this you should avoid prolonged soaking of the strap in water. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the colour to fade and direct contact with solvents, detergents and perfumes should be avoided.

Sterling Silver

All Rotary sterling silver watches are rhodium plated to reduce tarnishing and therefore do not require regular cleaning.

Nickel compliancy

All Rotary watches conform to the EEC directive on nickel content. They comply with the procedural tests EN1810, EN1811 and EN12472 that form part of the directive to ensure the release rate is no greater than 0.5ug/cm2/week on products in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.