Rotary & Dreyfuss Watch Operating Instructions

Rotary & Dreyfuss Watch Operating Instructions

Automatic Watches

These watches contain a self-winding rotor which winds the watch during general wear. Whilst unworn the watch will continue to operate for between 28 and 48 hours, if the watch loses power due to a period of inactivity greater than this then it may be wound manually by using the crown.

Quartz Watches

These watches are powered by a battery and when the battery dies (loses charge) then it must be replaced or at least removed soon after. This is because a dead battery will deteriorate over time and may leak causing damage to the watch

Setting the Date and Time

If the watch has a screw-crown, as found on the water proof watches then this must be unscrewed by rotating the crown downwards or anticlockwise to release the water tight seal prior to undertaking the following options. Please remember that once the following options are complete the crown must be screwed tight once more to preserve the water tight seal.

Setting the Date

Pull out the crown a single notch and to change the date rotate the crown downwards or anticlockwise. To change the day display rotate the crown upwards or clockwise.

Setting the Time

Pull out the crown and rotate until the hands display the correct time. The watch will not continue to operate until the crown is pushed back into the watch. This is to protect the movement or mechanics of the timepiece whilst changing the time.

Deployment clasp adjustment

To adjust the deployment clasp on the watch strap, first open up the clasp by depressing both of its buttons simultaneously. Once you have isolated the curved branded bar section using both hands open the curved bar by pulling down on the back plate.

Holding the curved branded bar between thumb and forefinger, with the back plate hanging, bring the end of the strap around and thread it through the opening. Once you have shortened it to your desired fit, close the back plate by slotting the prong through one of the holes within the strap.

The strap is now the correct length for you to wear and will not need to be adjusted each day. Instead use the deployment buttons to snap the strap open and shut it each time you wear it.